Fort Lauderdale based JetSmarter offers an amazing combination of value and convenience for travelers willing to share a small corporate jet with other strangers. It does not mean that Jetsmarter Inc actually got the visa and hired the workers. If the jet's owner decided to delay their flight for an extra day of golf, then JetSmarter's members would also be delayed. As a notorious cheapass, when a friend first mentioned a new(ish) company that was like "an Uber app for private jets," I immediately ignored the conversation.

Judging by the way it has been received in the market (FYI, the app allows a flight to be booked in just about three minutes), JetSmarter certainly seems to have achieved its founding goals. Several startups are coming up to provide ‘Uber for Private Jet' services for instant bookings of private jet charters.

JetSmarter even provides a free helicopter transport from the airport to your final destination. Private company securities are also highly illiquid and there is no guarantee that a market will develop for such securities. Rather than pay a full fee for a New York to Los Angeles private flight, you can just pay for the 3 seats you actually need.

I would recommend Jetsmarter to any of my friends or colleagues. If you want to fly from Helena, Montana to Topeka, Kansas, then JetSmarter probably isn't the private jet service for you. Even so, it's still possible to jump on a JetShuttle with some flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking.

The company offers three different products: JetDeals, which involves booking a one-way private flight on demand; JetShuttle, which allows you to grab a seat on a previously scheduled private flight; and JetCharter, which offers private travel packages that can be completely customized by route and aircraft.

We're excited to make their constant travel easier through JetSmarter, giving them access to private jet flights so that they can skip the hassles of flying commercial and simply enjoy their ride to their next big move, or game," said Sergey Petrossov, Founder and CEO of JetSmarter.

4 The app uses data science, advanced mobile technology, and a members-only approach to connect people in business, sports, entertainment, and culture with socially powered travel. And in October, public charter service JetSuite X , which sells individual tickets starting at around $99 each way, received an investment from JetBlue and promptly added a sixth destination to its routes in California, Montana, and Nevada.

JetSmarter is a private jet provider; they have recently launched their new long haul shuttle flight between London and Dubai. VIP Events On the ground and in the sky, JetSmarter creates extremely luxurious opportunities for its members. I think the coolest thing is its jet shuttle service, which is amazing.

JetSmarter members can open the app, check empty leg flights, then book a seat for no additional charge. To allow passengers to rent a private jet in a few taps, you should add options to pay for in the app. JetSmarter was founded by CEO Sergey Petrossov, a 20-something year old entrepreneur and Boca Raton, FL, resident and UF grad who started his first IT company at 18 and sold it after college.

With a few taps in the app, you can book your own private jet in seconds and say goodbye to your broker. Find cheap flights and manage your trips via the Vueling App. JetSmarter projected the lifestyle of a country club, but their shifting price and perk structure moved with the speed of a Silicon Valley startup.

A major chunk of people still rely on commercial airlines or searches for cheap promo tickets for booking private jets. After becoming a member, Martz could use the JetSmarter mobile app to reserve flights on a private jet whenever he liked. The inconvenience of traditional private jet booking services suggested the need for JetSmarter and similar on-demand services.